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Salem’s Lot: Everything You Need to Know

1/20/2022 • 4 min read

[Updated 07/13/2022]

Stephen King fans are in for a treat in 2023. The author's classic vampire novel "'Salem's Lot," which got the TV miniseries treatment back in 1979, is getting re-adapted as a movie. A prolific and celebrated author, King is the mastermind behind some of the literary horror genre’s most well-known titles, with many film and television adaptations derived from his books. Now SALEM'S LOT joins CHRISTINE, THE SHINING, IT, and PET SEMATARY on the big screen.

The Salem’s Lot Release Date

At one point, SALEM’S LOT was set for theatrical release in the United States on April 21. That release date has been changed, however, as Warner Bros. put EVIL DEAD RISE in that spot. (Read more about the new EVIL DEAD movie here.) Our fingers crossed that SALEM'S LOT might be set for release in October; we'll update when a date is announced.

Is There a Salem’s Lot Trailer?

As we write this dispatch, there is sadly still no trailer for SALEM’S LOT. Since there is no release date, it is difficult to say when the trailer will arrive.

The Story of Salem's Lot

Following the publication of "Carrie" in 1974, "'Salem's Lot" was King’s second published novel, as it hit shelves in 1975. 'Salem's Lot is a fictional town in Maine — and note that apostrophe at the beginning of the name, as it is short for the township's full moniker, Jerusalem's Lot.

The story follows Ben Mears, a writer who returns to his hometown of Jerusalem’s Lot so that he can try and get over a particularly grueling bout of writer’s block, while also dealing with some demons from his past. But Mears's mental demons are joined by monsters that are all too real.

As he researches a spooky house that plays a significant role in his own past, Mears discovers that Jerusalem’s Lot is now the adopted home of a powerful vampire named Kurt Barlow. As Barlow slowly drains life from the town, Mears and a handful of other residents desperately work to counter the vampire's deadly influence.

How Salem's Lot Intersects Other King Stories

Many of Stephen King's novels and stories take place in the same shared universe, with some characters appearing in other tales. One of the most notable recurring characters in King's fiction is Father Callahan, who appears in a few of the "Dark Tower" novels, in which he plays a pretty significant role.

Image for Lewis Pullman in Bad Times at the El Royale.jpg

The Salem’s Lot Cast

SALEM'S LOT will feature a slew of recognizable character actors. Lewis Pullman (seen above in BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE), the son of Hollywood veteran Bill Pullman, plays the starring role of Ben Mears. Pullman will be flanked by a supporting cast including Alfre Woodard (HBO’s "Watchmen"), Spencer Treat Clark (UNBREAKABLE), and William Sadler (BILL & TED’S BOGUS JOURNEY) as the vampire Kurt Barlow.

Additionally, Bill Camp (DARK WATERS), Pilou Asbæk ("Game of Thrones"), and Mackenzie Leigh have roles. John Benjamin Hickey plays Father Callahan.

Image for Annabelle Comes Home.jpg

The Creative Team Behind Salem’s Lot

It’s hard to go wrong with a horror icon like James Wan as a producer, who worked alongside producers including Roy Lee, who produced Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of IT from 2017. More importantly, Gary Dauberman, writer of IT and IT: CHAPTER 2, will be both writing and directing this new take on SALEM’S LOT. Dauberman also wrote the ANNABELLE movies, which were spun off from the CONJURING series, and directed the third, ANNABELLE COMES HOME (seen above).

Filming was underway back in October of 2021 in Clinton, MA. We understand that production has wrapped by this point. This isn't the first time that Clinton has stood in for Jerusalem's Lot, as the town also played home to scenes in the Hulu series "Castle Rock" that took place in King's made-up town.


We'll have more on SALEM'S LOT when the first trailer arrives!


All images courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.

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