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See How They Run: Rockwell and Ronan Solve a Mystery

7/18/2022 • 4 min read

We are so happy that the fast-paced and funny murder mystery is back. Between the success of a movie like KNIVES OUT and the TV series "Only Murders in the Building," mystery fans have enjoyed a minor boom lately. One of the most promising new entries in this venerable genre is SEE HOW THEY RUN.

Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan star as an inspector and constable in 1950s London. When a member of a theatre crew is murdered, these two representatives of Scotland Yard spring into action in order to determine who committed the crime. Or, at least, they show up to take notes and ask a lot of questions. Have a look at the delightful trailer for SEE HOW THEY RUN.

Investigations Can Be Funny


If this first trailer is any indication, SEE HOW THEY RUN is set to be a movie midpoint that sits between KNIVES OUT and the work of Wes Anderson. (Ronan, of course, has appeared in two of Anderson's movies, so perhaps that's part of the reason for that feeling.)

Regardless, the SEE HOW THEY RUN trailer positions this murder mystery as a great way to spend time with the cast. We could watch hours of Sam Rockwell rolling his eyes at a too-eager Saoirse Ronan. And then there's the real-world link, as this movie is oriented around a fictional version of the celebrated actor, Richard Attenborough.

The Suspects in See How They Run

In addition to Rockwell and Ronan (which sounds like the best law firm in town), SEE HOW THEY RUN features a spectacular cast. Adrien Brody is the victim, Leo Köpernick. And Ruth Wilson, Reece Shearsmith, David Oyelowo, Charlie Cooper, Shirley Henderson, and Pippa Bennett-Warner are all in the mix as potential suspects, witnesses and/or distractions.

And Harris Dickinson plays Richard "Dickie" Attenborough. In real life, Attenborough is the actor most popularly known for playing Dr. John Hammond in JURASSIC PARK. His resume is amazing, as it spans more than 60 years. (He's even got a murderous turn or two in there; check out BRIGHTON ROCK or 10 RILLINGTON PLACE.) He's quite a personality to live up to, but actor Harris Dickinson is one of the brightest talents to emerge in the last few years. He's more than up to the challenge.

An Up-and-Coming Director

SEE HOW THEY RUN features a cast that could fill out a prestige British drama, and there's a reason for that. Director Tom George has been making British television for a few years — he recently did "Defending the Guilty" and the acclaimed series "This Country." This is George's first feature film, and we expect that he'll be able to do whatever balance of movies and television strikes his fancy after this opens.

The script for this comedic mystery comes from Mark Chappell, who also has a terrific television resume, including the delightfully bizarre series "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret."


SEE HOW THEY RUN opens on September


All images courtesy of Searchlight Pictures.

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