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Get $3 Movie Tickets on National Cinema Day, September 3!

8/28/2022 • 3 min read

National Cinema Day is the best moviegoing deal of the summer! For one day only, on Saturday September 3, you can get $3 movie tickets for every movie, every showtime, and in every format. Want to see THE INVITATION in XD for only $3? Maybe you want to catch TOP GUN: MAVERICK again on the big screen? This is your day!

What Is National Cinema Day?

In short, National Cinema Day is an invitation to celebrate the theatrical experience by going to the movies. The first National Cinema Day takes place on September 3, 2022.

What Are the National Cinema Day Deals?

We mentioned $3 tickets for every movie, at every showtime, in every format. That's a big deal!

In addition, we'll have special snack bar pricing. On National Cinema Day you can get:
$3 Medium Fountain Drink or ICEE
$3 Small Popcorn, which you can make Large for just $1 more
$3 Any Size Candy

What Movies Are Playing on National Cinema Day?

All the movies that have opened recently, including BEAST, BREAKING, THE INVITATION, BULLET TRAIN, and THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING will be playing.

Additionally, we'll have recent hits like ELVIS and SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME (THE MORE FUN STUFF VERSION) and the classic JAWS.

Check our ticketing and showtimes page for more details about each specific title, and to see what's playing at your local Cinemark.



You can get more info about National Cinema Day by clicking below.

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