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Exclusive Interview: The Last Vermeer Stars Guy Pearce, Claes Bang and Vicky KriepsheroImage

Exclusive Interview: The Last Vermeer Stars Guy Pearce, Claes Bang and Vicky Krieps

11/23/2020 • 2 min read

THE LAST VERMEER takes place in the days just following the end of World War II when a soldier (Claes Bang) investigates the Dutch artist Han Van Meegeren (Guy Pierce), who is accused of a scheme that features multiple crimes, notably forgery and collaboration with the Nazis. The truth turns out to be far more surprising than anyone expects, and Van Meegeren's story turns out to be the origin point for a unique legal thriller.

We sat down with actors Guy Pearce, Claes Bang, and Vicky Krieps, and director Dan Friedkin, to learn about THE LAST VERMEER.

If you're shocked to learn that this movie is indeed a true story, you're in good company. It even came as a surprise to the cast. Guy Pierce said, "I was very aware that artworks had been acquired by Nazis and various leaders throughout WWII. But I never heard this story.” His castmate Claes Bang added, "I was astounded that I never heard this story before because I’m sort of a freak about history and art."

This movie dissects the notion that art is in the eye of the beholder, and we discussed those thematic elements with the film’s director Dan Friedkin. (Or, as Vicky Krieps described him, "The Captain of the ship.") “Every type of art has some borrowed, or if you want, copied element to it," he said, "like everything in life. What makes one piece of work more valuable than another, and how do you define it?"

Guy Pearce mirrored that sentiment saying, “Really good art” has the power to “undo you in a way that gets you out of your head." He added, “When great art comes along, it just knocks down those barriers.”

Pearce closed by reminding us of the importance of experiencing  THE LAST VERMEER on the big screen. "When you have things that are very subtle and very intimate, to have them enormous on a big screen is so evocative and so moving."

Check out our experience in the virtual junket for the premiere of THE LAST VERMEER:



THE LAST VERMEER is playing now!


All images courtesy of Sony Pictures and TriStar Pictures.

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