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The New Candyman: Everything You Need to Know

The New Candyman: Everything You Need to Know

(Updated 09/12/2020)

Say his name five times and unspeakable horrors will befall you — but they'll be some of the best scares you get at the movies. CANDYMAN is back, from director Nia DaCosta and producer/co-writer Jordan Peele (GET OUT, US). This new Candyman movie takes place right where the original did — in Chicago's now-gentrified Cabrini Green housing project — and features the return of Tony Todd's terrifying hook-handed title character.

The first trailer for CANDYMAN has been released to freak us all out; it's full of blood and bees and scares. We noticed quite a few great touches in this first footage. Here's everything you need to know about the new CANDYMAN.

When Does Candyman Come Out?

New Candyman release date

The new CANDYMAN movie was scheduled to be released on June 12, to offer a jolt of serious horror just as summer really got going. Now it will be released in 2021; we'll update with the new release date when it is set by Universal.

The First Candyman Trailer

[Image credit: Universal Pictures]

This first CANDYMAN trailer is excellent because it focuses on the concept and the horror, and doesn't go out of its way to point out all the points of connection between this new CANDYMAN and the original movie.

Pointing out those details is what we're here for, however, so let's get to it!

Sequel or Reboot?

Vanessa A. Williams in the New Candyman

First up: This is a direct sequel to the original movie! CANDYMAN can also be seen as a reboot of sorts, because it has a few new actors playing familiar characters, and it will be welcoming to new viewers. But Yahya Abdul-Mateen II ("Watchmen," AQUAMAN) plays Anthony McCoy, who was kidnapped as a baby in the original movie, and Vanessa A. Williams (above) returns as his mother, Anne-Marie McCoy.

Helen Lyle, the main character played by Virginia Madsen in the original movie, appears as well, now played by Cassie Kramer — but Madsen also appears, as the trailer reveals. So we'll probably see at least one flashback to the time period of the original movie.

Will Tony Todd Return?

Tony Todd in the New Candyman movie

Tony Todd played Candyman in the original movie and in the two sequels, FAREWELL TO THE FLESH and DAY OF THE DEAD. Reports have said he'll be seen in the new movie, too, but the trailer is shy about revealing him. In one shot (above) we see what looks like Todd's face reflected in a car window near Yahya Abdul-Mateen II's character.

Just as the original movie built surprising ties between Candyman and Virginia Madsen's character, it seems like the new CANDYMAN will do something similar to Anthony McCoy. And, of course, there's the question of how the end of Madsen's character's story in the first movie will play into this new chapter.

A Gentrified Generation

The New Candyman setting

The question of gentrification has been a part of the CANDYMAN movies since the beginning. Helen Lyle lived in a condo building that was originally a housing project; after superficial improvements were made to the building, it was sold off to buyers who would never have lived in a housing project.

In the new movie, Anthony McCoy, now an artist, returns to the site of the housing project that was his home as an infant. The art he photographs is a direct reflection of the street art seen in the original movie; we even catch a glimpse of the "sweets for the sweet" tag, which was a big part of the 1992 film, in this trailer.

The Candyman Trailer Song

New Candyman and Destiny's Child

We probably don't need to point out that the new CANDYMAN trailer features a creepy remix of "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child. What a great choice it is! Since the whole Candyman concept revolves around invoking the demon by saying his name five times in a mirror, it's like the song and movie were made for one another.

The Candyman Filmmakers

New Candyman director

Jordan Peele's name is all over the new CANDYMAN trailer, and for good reason. The director of GET OUT and US set this new adaptation of Clive Barker's story "The Forbidden" in motion, and he co-wrote the script, with Win Rosenfeld and Nia DaCosta. (Barker still gets a story credit.)

Nia DaCosta, meanwhile, also directs this chapter in the long-running series. She previously made the intense and effective movie LITTLE WOODS, starring Tessa Thompson and Lily James as half-sisters who fall into moving drugs across the US-Canadian border in order to make money. DaCosta is a promising new voice, and her directorial touch should set CANDYMAN apart from all the other films in the series. We can't wait to be terrified.

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All images courtesy of Universal Pictures.

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