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The Best New Indian Movies to Watch in Theatres

The Best New Indian Movies to Watch in Theatres

(Updated 03/22/2022)

Cinemark is far more than your first stop for the best Hollywood movies and independent films from around North America. We also offer the ideal gateway to the thrilling, dramatic, and musical movies of India.

We bring you the best Indian movies with the ultimate viewing experience — and in real time! So when people in India are waking up at 4am to watch the first show on opening day, you get to celebrate it on a weekday evening.

We've got the bold banter of Hindi movies, the terror & turmoil of Telugu movies, the thrills & tunes of Tamil movies, and the moving morals of Malayalam movies. Whether you’re a fan of Bollywood comedies or the latest Tamil & Telugu thrillers, sink into our recliner seats with your favorite movie snacks to enjoy the newest Indian movies. We don’t just want you to watch the movie, we want you to be a part of it. So, don’t wait for your distant relative to post his movie review on social media – be the one to do it first!

Here Are the New Indian Movies Coming to US Theatres

Galwakdi (Punjabi with English Subtitles)

Librarian Jagteshwar suffers from obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, but he and the people in his life have learned to work with it. But when he has to share a space with the high-spirited Amberdeep, which people around him has accepted both at work and home. Ideologies clash and things change when, Amberdeep, a high-spirited girl in nature and Jagteshwar shares a roof.

Opens on April 8. Plays in Punjabi with English subtitles.

Ghani (Telugu with English Subtitles)

The life of a boxer whose passion is sports who has been training since a young age to reach his dreams suddenly things take a tough turn which totally changes his life.

Opens on April 8. Plays in Telugu with English subtitles.

Mee Vasantrao (Marathi with English Subtitles)

A biography of the classical Hindustani nonconformist musician Vasantrao Deshpande. Born in a village in Vidarbha, Maharashtra and raised by his mother in Nagpur, Vasantrao's life is a canvas of exciting events which shaped his life and, ultimately, his music. It includes his unique friendship with P.L. Deshpande and Begum Akhtar, life in Indian Military Accounts, learning music in Lahore to his destination on the Indochina border during the 1962 war, and performing in Katyaar Kaljaat Ghusli, the play that made him a force to be reckoned with.

Opens on April 8. Plays in Marathi with English subtitles.

KGF: Chapter 2

The sequel to the story of Rocky, a young man whose promise to his dying mother leads him on a dangerous quest for power and wealth. In 2018's KGF: Chapter 1, Rocky transforms from a mercenary into a power broker thanks to a shady government deal to produce gold for export. But the treatment of slaves and workers at the Kolar Gold Fields (which give the movies their name) begin to shift his thinking. Now, in the sequel, Rocky's evolution continues as the government gets nervous about what's going on at the gold fields.

Opens on April 12 in Hindi with English subtitles. Also plays starting on April 14 in Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu with English subtitles.

Beast (Telugu with English subtitles)

After a shopping mall in Chennai is hijacked by terrorists who hold the visitors as hostages, Veera Raghavan, a spy also trapped in the mall, leaps into action in order to save the hostages by eliminating the terrorists.

Opens on April 13. Plays in Telugu with English subtitles.


Come back for more new titles soon!

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