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A Quiet Place Part II - Everything You Need to Know

A Quiet Place Part II - Everything You Need to Know

(Updated 07/24/2020)

In 2018, an ingenious horror-thriller caught virtually everyone by surprise. You could say that it didn't make a sound. A QUIET PLACE instantly became a zeitgeist-capturing smash and a respected critical darling. So it was no surprise to learn that a follow-up had moved swiftly into production. It is now one of our most anticipated horror films of 2021.

We've compiled everything you need to know about A QUIET PLACE PART II — just remember to tread carefully, especially if you fear spoilers as much as you fear murderous, noise-seeking creatures. Be aware that spoilers follow for the original A QUIET PLACE.

The A Quiet Place Part II Release Date

A Quiet Place Part II Release Date

A QUIET PLACE II was set to open on March 20, 2020. That release date was pushed back, however, first to September 4. The movie is now set to open on April 23, 2021, as the movie release schedule fluctuates greatly thanks to all the complications of 2020.

Watch the A Quiet Place Part II Trailer

[Image credit: Paramount Pictures]

The first A QUIET PLACE PART II trailer arrived on January 1. (There are also a lot of unofficial, fan-made trailers out there.) This debut trailer for the QUIET PLACE sequel, which you can see above, does two big things. First, it looks back to the day that sound-sensitive monsters began their rampage. Then it picks up right at the end of the original movie, with the remaining characters setting out on a journey of survival.

John Krasinski Returns

John Krasinski returns for A Quiet Place 2

When John Krasinski signed on to direct and star in the original A QUIET PLACE, he extensively rewrote the existing screenplay. (That script was credited to Bryan Woods and Scott Beck.) The actor-turned-filmmaker's direction also guided the movie to great success. So, when Paramount began to mount the sequel, the studio naturally secured Krasinski to write and direct the follow-up.

And (spoiler alert) while Krasinski's character — the engineer and terrific father Lee Abbott — met his untimely end in the first film, we wouldn't be surprised if he managed to appear in the sequel, possibly in a flashback or dream sequence. Since the first QUIET PLACE PART II trailer shows the very beginning of the wave of monster attacks, there's more reason than ever to guess that Krasinski will show up in flashbacks.

[Image credit: Paramount Pictures]

Update: We predicted that Krasinski would return on screen, and the footage released during the Super Bowl revealed flashbacks featuring his character. You can see that footage above.

An Expanded Cast

A Quiet Place Part II Cast

We now know a bit about the plot of A QUIET PLACE PART II. The film will follow Emily Blunt (who is Krasinski's real-life wife) as Evelyn Abbott, who with the character's children, played by Noah Jupe and Milicent Simmonds, seeks a new safe haven following the events of the original movie. They run across a warehouse hideout set up by a character played by Cillian Murphy, from BATMAN BEGINS. Djimon Hounsou, from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and CAPTAIN MARVEL, is also in the mix somehow. (Hounsou's role was originally to be played by Brian Tyree Henry, who dropped out due to scheduling concerns.)

Will Chris Pratt Be in the Quiet Place Sequel?

Will Chris Pratt Be in the Quiet Place Sequel?

[Image Credit: Marvel Studios]

When John Krasinksi was using Twitter to raise money for Family Reach, a charity that supports families fighting cancer, he had a great interaction. When trying to get his former "The Office" co-star Chris Pratt to donate, Krasinski offered to insert him digitally into A QUIET PLACE PART II. Pratt did donate but said that Krasinski didn't have to follow up on the cameo offer. Still, let's hope that he will follow up, and that we'll see Pratt awkwardly inserted as a cameo in the new film.

Expect a Much Bigger Film

A Quiet Place Part II story

The production of the QUIET PLACE sequel took place from June to September 2019 in upstate New York. Photos and reports from that shoot suggest that A QUIET PLACE PART II is a bigger movie. While the first film took place mostly on one farm and highlighted the plight of a single family in a monster-haunted post-apocalyptic landscape, this sequel is likely to broaden the scope of the story.

At one point, for example, the production hired 300 background actors. (Or extras, if you will.). That suggests scenes which are far bigger in scale than anything in the first movie. That same report also says the production invested $10 million in the New York State portion of the shoot. That's half the budget of the first film right there. Based on the first trailer, there's a good chance that some of that effort went into creating images of the town-wide chaos that erupted after the monsters first arrived, but we could very well be in for a lot more than that. So the question is: are you ready for a much larger QUIET PLACE?

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All images courtesy of Paramount Pictures, except where indicated.

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