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Luxury Recliner Chair

Movie Seat Meets State-of-the-art Luxury 

What is a Luxury Lounger?

Picture the cushiness of a chaise lounge chair. Now, picture it in a movie theatre. Add ergonomic trays for food and beverages, adjustable heating for maximum coziness, and controls that allow you to put your feet and back exactly where you’re most comfortable, and you’ve got yourself a Luxury Lounger—the premium in movie theatre seating.

Does my Cinemark have Luxury Lounger recliners?

To see whether your next screening will have luxury recliner seats, visit our theatre page, find your local theatre using the zip code search option, and then go to “Theater Info.” Look for the [recliner] icon, and if you see it—great news! You’re sitting in style.

How do I adjust my seat?

Luxury Loungers are electric-powered and come outfitted with easy-to-use controls that let you change how high you would like your legs up, how far back you would like to lean, and even how warm you would like your seat to be. You can adjust the settings of your chair for the duration of your time in the auditorium, for optimum relaxation from before the previews to after the end credits.

Find movie theatre with recliners near you.

Luxury Recliner Chair Theatres


No participating theatres found near the selected ZIP code.

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