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For the last 100 years, the theatre experience has remained more-or-less the same: One screen, one angle, end of story. ScreenX is changing all of that.

By projecting the visuals onto three surfaces instead of one, ScreenX pulls moviegoers in the action like never before. Treat yourself to a 270-degree tour de force of exclusive footage and dazzling content that make the world’s biggest blockbusters feel even more immersive. It’s not a gimmick. It’s not a fad. It’s a revolution.

ScreenX releases 18-22 films per year. Check your local listings.

Step into the world of ScreenX today.

Participating Theatres:

Milpitas - Century Great Mall 20 XD and ScreenX
Plano - Cinemark West Plano XD and ScreenX
San Jose - Century Oakridge 20 XD and ScreenX
El Paso - Cinemark 20 XD and ScreenX
El Paso - Cinemark West XD and ScreenX
Lancaster - Cinemark 22 IMAX and ScreenX

View ScreenX FAQ's

Premium upcharges vary per location

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