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Verification of Employment

Verification of Employment

Instructions and FAQs for employment and wage verification.


Access current or former Team Member paystub information on Workday for checks dated beginning in 2021. ( 

We use a third-party company, Thomas and Company, Inc., to provide employment verifications and summarized pay information.  

As a former Team Member, you can verify employment dates, total earnings, and hours for the last pay received for FREE by emailing [email protected]  

Your request must be emailed to Thomas and Company and include the following: 

- I was an employee of Cinemark, not an agency or company  

- my last 4 digits of your social security number are:  

- my date of birth is:  

- my name as it appears on my social security card is:  

- my contact phone number where I can be reached is:  

- my email address is:  


Additional information:  

- Thomas and Company Verifications department is open Monday – Friday during regular business hours and is closed during holidays.  

- Please allow three business days for the request to be processed by Thomas and Company.  

- Thomas and Company will not send Cinemark confirmation when a request has been processed.  

- Thomas and Company cannot release information over the phone.  

- If you want to check the status, please contact Thomas and Company directly at [email protected] or (615) 620-0569.  

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