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Chairman’s Advisory Board

Cinemark Chairman's Advisory Board

About the Cinemark Chairman's Advisory Board

The CAB will help Cinemark remain fresh and humble in achieving Cinemark's Mission Statement of taking care of customers, employees, and investors, and to provide a learning and growing experience for the members of the CAB. The purpose of the CAB is to provide Cinemark management with innovative input and opinion which is specifically relevant to young people. Topics may include, among others, marketing & promotions, theatre design, recruiting and retaining great employees, movie selection and alternative content.

Ten members. Lee Roy Mitchell, Cinemark's Executive Chairman of the Board, shall serve as Chairman of the CAB. Each member shall serve for a term of two years, subject to performance requirements as determined by the Chairman. Applicants selected to be members of the CAB must execute an Advisory Services Agreement with Cinemark. Members shall not be deemed to be employees of Cinemark or any of its affiliates and membership in the CAB shall not constitute Cinemark employment.

Members shall serve a two year term. The CAB shall meet at least five times annually, primarily at Cinemark's World Headquarters, located in Plano, TX. Meetings shall take place over one business day, typically from 9:00am until 5:00pm. Efforts will be made to accommodate school and work schedules. Some meetings may be held on a Saturday. Meetings may be held at other locations or electronically via video-conferencing. Attendance at CAB meetings is mandatory and shall be a requirement for membership.

Members shall receive $300 per meeting and an annual Cinemark Admission Pass. Additionally, members shall be granted a one-time honorarium of approximately $2000 on their 2 year anniversary date. All travel related expenses to and from meetings shall be paid by Cinemark.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants should be 18-25 years of age.

May not be a current Cinemark employee.

Must complete and submit an application

Application Process

Please complete the application form and include applicable attachments.

Should the selection committee wish to interview you, you will be notified by telephone and/or via email. All applicants will not be interviewed.

If preferred, you can also mail a completed application and any applicable attachments to:
Cinemark Chairman's Advisory Board
3900 Dallas Parkway #500
Plano, Texas, 75093

For questions, email

About Lee Roy Mitchell

Lee Roy Mitchell - Cinemark's Founder and Chairman of the Board

Lee Roy Mitchell has always been an entrepreneur. Early business ventures included auto sales, roller skating rinks, and movie theatres. His first theatre, the Village Drive-In in Ennis, TX, opened over 40 years ago. Over the years, Mr. Mitchell identified several talented individuals and created a strong and experienced management team to implement his vision. With the help of this team and over 25,000 employees worldwide, Mr. Mitchell has built Cinemark into a theatre company that ranks #1 in total attendance in the world.

Cinemark Chairman’s Advisory Board 2019

Lauren Prete

Lauren Prete is an Executive Assistant at Qualtrics, a multibillion-dollar tech company in Provo, UT. She graduated from Brigham Young University in 2017 where she studied Social Science and Business Management. She spent a semester studying in London and a summer term working at a tech startup in Manhattan, watching a lot of movies in both cities. In her free time, Lauren likes to spend time with her husband and their two cats. Member since January 2018.


Tom Racek

Tom Racek is a senior at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY where he is pursuing a double major in Film and Hispanic studies. When Tom is not in the classroom you can find him serving as Captain of the Men’s Fencing Team, coaching in the boxing room, pursuing acting, or working on his Fall Out Shelter documentary for Vassar. His goals are to continue his education and hopes to obtain an MBA and Masters in Film Production. Member since July 2017


Delaney Taylor

Delaney Taylor is a sophomore at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC where she is double-majoring in Health Sciences and Biology with a minor in Chemistry. She plays for her college’s tennis team and is also very involved in campus life, as she is a part of Guilford College’s Campus Activities Board, also serving as an Orientation Leader. Ultimately, she wishes to become a Sports Medicine specialized Physician’s Assistant. In her free time, Delaney enjoys spending time with friends and family, travelling, and finding new and interesting places to dine. Member since July 2017


Alyssa Chern

Alyssa Chern is a sophomore at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX. She is majoring in Marketing with a double minor in Economics and Psychology and is part of the honors program. Alyssa owns a successful private tutoring business that she started in her junior year of high school. When she is not working or studying, Alyssa likes to participate in campus activities and spend time with friends and family. In the future she hopes to study abroad in Taiwan and become a market research analyst. Member since July 2017


Phillip Dupree

Phillip Dupree is a senior attending Texas A&M University where he is pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering. He is a manager at a local coffee shop, Sweet Eugene’s, and spends his free time producing music and playing Dance Dance Revolution. Phillip also volunteers at the local student radio station, and hopes to pursue a career in water filtration technology. Member since July 2018.


Rushil Vora

Rushil Vora is a Computer Science student at Oregon State University. His work experience includes internships at Avnera, Intel, Columbia Sportswear and Microsoft. During the school year Rushil leads OSU’s Virtual/Augmented Reality Club and works with start-up companies through the OSU Advantage Accelerator. In his free time, he enjoys hiking in the Columbia Gorge, skiing, and going to the movies. Member since July 2017.


Susannah Franklin

Susannah Franklin graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a BA in Visual Communication Design and a minor in New Media. She works as an in-house marketing Graphic Designer at Bridge Partners, a Seattle-based consulting firm where she started out as a college intern. On the side, she also runs her own freelance design business. In her free time she loves traveling, exploring the outdoors, and going to the movies. Member since January 2018.


Aafiya Jamal

Aafiya Jamal graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, completing a BBA in Finance and a BA in Plan II Honors. She works at Ernst and Young as a Consultant in their Financial Services practice. Aafiya loves to watch movies, spend time with family and friends, and learn about different cultures and communities. While on the Chairman’s Advisory Board, Aafiya has gained insight on how a company successfully adapts to stay relevant in a competitive business landscape. Member since July 2017.


Jonathan Baktay

Jonathan Baktay is studying business management and marketing at La Roche College. He currently works for Tesla as a customer experience specialist, operating as a first point of contact for customers. He has appeared in nearly twenty-five staged productions, one of which earned him the Henry Mancini Award for best leading male actor. He has worked as a background extra in numerous film and television productions. Jonathan is passionate about both film and business, and envisions a future in both endeavors. He is ecstatic about being a part of the CAB and bringing value to the company. Member since July 2018.


James Hueston

James Hueston is a junior at Vassar College majoring in Economics with a double minor in Physics and Math. When not in the classroom, James plays on the Vassar Lacrosse team. He also plays hockey, and enjoys board games, card games, and watching movies. In the future, James plans on working as a management consultant and potentially pursuing an MBA. Member since July 2018.