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Movie Fan FAQ

There is no fee to join Cinemark Movie Rewards as a Movie Fan member.

You can begin the enrollment process at the theatre while completing your transaction. Provide your name and email address to get started. You’ll receive an email within 24 hours directing you to finish creating your account online.

You can upgrade to Movie Club at any time by going to and clicking the “Join Movie Club” button. Follow the directions by providing your credit card information. For more information, view the Movie Club Signing Up FAQ

Cinemark Connections was rebranded as the Movie Fan tier of Cinemark Movie Rewards. Points earned as a Connections member were transferred over to Cinemark Movie Rewards and were not adjusted or changed.

The key benefits are:
• Earn 1 point for every $1 spent
• Redeem points for tickets and more rewards
• Member access to screenings and advance tickets
• Birthday reward
• Exclusive member offers

You can earn points by signing into your account online or on the app when purchasing your tickets. If you are purchasing your ticket at the theatre, you can earn points by either:
• Scanning the QR code in your account;
• Providing your phone number during checkout; or
• Providing your email address during checkout

Yes, points cannot be earned for purchases of alcohol or loading Cinemark gift cards. However, points can be earned for using a gift card to make all other purchases. Points also cannot be earned for use of Supersavers, Movie Club credits, or movie ticket reward credits except for the upcharge if incurred.

Points are calculated based on the pre-tax subtotal of the transaction. If the transaction has a partial dollar value, points are rounded up or down based on the amount. Transactions $0.50 and up are rounded to the nearest whole point, transactions $0.49 and below are rounded down to the nearest whole point

Members can earn up to 500 points in a single 24 hour period, with no transactional limit.

Unused points expire 12 months after issuance. Points are used on a first-in, first-out basis for redemption, so your oldest points are always used first.

Points may take up to 30 minutes to apply to your account. If you still don't receive your points Contact Us to look into the issue.

No, you must identify yourself during checkout by scanning your QR code or providing your phone number/email address to earn points for a transaction.

Points earned for buying advance tickets are not redeemable until the show-time of the advance ticket purchase has passed. If the purchase is refunded before the show-time, the points issued are deducted from your account.

After redeeming your points for a free ticket, it will populate as a “Credit” on your account. Movie Fan members can use their Credit toward any regular 2D movie at all Cinemark theatres (upcharges may apply in certain theatres). You can upgrade any ticket to a premium format for a small upcharge. Credits expire 90 days from date of issuance for Movie Fan members and never expire for active Movie Club members.

Make sure you’re subscribed to emails from Cinemark Movie Rewards and/or Movie Club, and subscribe to your favorite theatre. We send out notices to members when screenings are at theatres in their area, and early notice or access to advance tickets when available.

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