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Movie Club Referral

Movie Club

The more you give, the more you get. Here's how:

1. Use your Movie Club email address to share with friends via Facebook or email.

2. Your friends get 50% off their first month of Movie Club membership, if eligible.

3. You get a free $5 digital Cinemark bonus card every time you refer a friend who joins Movie Club.


Q: How many bonus cards can I earn?
A: You can earn up to 10 bonus cards a year when you refer new friends who join!

Q: Can I refer myself to Movie Club?
A: Ha! Nice try. Unfortunately, no.

Q: My friend is already a Movie Club member. Can I earn a bonus card if I refer them to the club anyway?
A: This referral program is valid for friends who are not currently Movie Club members. Referrals to current Movie Club members will not qualify for a bonus card. Also, current Movie Club members are not eligible to receive the discounted membership offer if they are referred to the program.

Q: Do I have to be currently enrolled in Movie Club to refer a friend and receive a bonus card?
A: Yes. Only active Movie Club members are eligible to refer friends and receive free bonus card(s) when they sign up.

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