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Exclusive Interviews: Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson and Lisa Joy of ReminiscenceheroImage

Exclusive Interviews: Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson and Lisa Joy of Reminiscence

8/23/2021 • 3 min read

Ever misplace something and can’t remember for the life of you where it might be? No worries, a reminiscence machine can drop you right back in your memories to find the exact moment you lost one of your favorite pairs of socks. And it can do a lot more than that. In REMINISCENCE, Hugh Jackman plays Nicolas Bannister, who goes from investigating the memories of people in legal trouble to helping everyday people relive memories. And then his life is turned upside down, sending him on a deep dive into his own mind to unravel a potentially deadly mystery.

Jackman and castmates Thandiwe Newton, Rebecca Ferguson, and Daniel Wu explained the movie's futuristic setting in a flooded Miami taken over by climate change.

“You can go into this machine, a Reminiscence machine, and feel, taste, touch, see - really, truly experience memories again. Relive it,” Jackman said.

The star explained that his character, Nick, "takes people into their memories" and is "sort of a private investigator of the mind." So he undertakes memory journeys with clients — and one who comes knocking is May, played by Rebecca Ferguson. "This begins a torrid, passionate love affair — and she goes missing."

Ferguson theorized about what the real-life implications of Reminiscence machines might be.

"It’s like a truth serum drug… it takes away all forms of identity or self-worth... I also believe that human curiosity would bring the most darkened aspect of a genius development like that. We would go light and easy until it ends up on a black market and sells for nothing and then is used for: ‘where were you last night, I’m just going to dump you in the water hubby.'"

Accomplished director Lisa Joy ("Westworld") came up with the core concept, and wrote and directed the movie as her feature directorial debut. “In science fiction, for me, in order to form a connection with the audience, your futurism has to be as realistic as possible. As textured, and tactile as possible,” she said.

"Even seven years ago when I was first writing this, it was clear that the oceans were rising. I didn’t realize how prescient it would turn out to be, the dams that we built on set to act as blockades to the waves literally look exactly like the ones they are currently building in Miami to act as blockades to the waves. But aside from the water aspect of it, I’ve really always loved Art Deco and the stretch of Ocean drive in Miami. It’s so beautiful and evocative and I think I wanted to carry that into the future."

Check out our full set of interviews for the story of how Thandiwe Newton got involved in REMINISCENCE:






REMINISCENCE is in theatres now!


All images courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.

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