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What You See When You See A ScreenX Movie

1/25/2023 • 4 min read

ScreenX is one of the newest movie formats, and it stands apart from every other movie option. In short, ScreenX features not one screen, but three. The primary screen is the same as in every movie theatre: It's right in front of you. But the walls to left and right are screens, too. For key sequences in a ScreenX movie, the action expands to fill those extra screens for a 270-degree experience.

That's easy to say, but you might still have questions about what makes a ScreenX movie, what you'll actually see when you sit down to a ScreenX movie, and what the best popcorn to bring will be. We can't answer that last one — it's up to you — but we can answer all your big ScreenX questions.

How Much Of A ScreenX Movie Uses Three Screens?

With a ScreenX movie presentation, major setpieces and action sequences will expand to fill all three screens. Scenes that are purely dialogue-based would only feature images on the central movie screen. Think of it this way: ScreenX makes the most exciting parts of a movie even more exciting.

With ScreenX the expansion to three screens is far more noticeable — there's a lot more visual information to take in — but it's the same overall idea. If you want to know more about the creation of the footage for the extra ScreenX screens, we've got you covered.

How Does ScreenX Work?

Most movie theaters have a single projector aimed at one large screen. That has worked for over 100 years, even though the screens have gotten bigger and the projectors brighter. Some of the biggest screens might use dual projectors to create one seamless, massive image.

ScreenX is a bit different. In addition to having the left and right "wing" screens, ScreenX uses many more projectors than a standard theatrical setup. Creating a 270-degree panorama requires an array of projectors located on each side of the theater.

This projector lineup is positioned so as not to interfere with speakers. There can be more or less depending on the size of the theater — the largest ScreenX theaters use up to six additional projectors on each side. That's a lot of projectors! But that's what it takes to create an immersive theatrical experience unlike any other.


More ScreenX theatres are coming soon!


All images courtesy of ScreenX.

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