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IMAX Theater

What is IMAX?

"Isn’t that the theater with the really big screen?” Yep. IMAX is the household name in large format moviegoing. But the draw of an IMAX screening lies in so much more than scale. To see a movie in IMAX is to experience it, to transport yourself from an ordinary movie theater to an immersive new dimension.

How big is an IMAX screen?

Short answer: Very. Longer answer: IMAX screen size can be up to six times larger than normal screens, which allows for up to 40% more picture. Known for their unique aspect ratios, IMAX movies are shot using special digital and film cameras, equipped with the world’s largest resolution format for unmatched levels of clarity and detail.

Where can I find IMAX theaters near me?

Check to see whether your local Cinemark theater is equipped with IMAX projection by going to our theater page, searching by location using the zip code feature, and then finding the Cinemark nearest you. On the theater page for your local Cinemark, keep an eye out for the IMAX icon next to various showtimes.

How are IMAX theaters designed?

Every IMAX theater boasts expertly positioned stadium seats, so each viewer can enjoy a premium, larger-than-life moviegoing experience no matter where they are seated. How? Science—and math. IMAX screens are curved, engineered to maximize brightness and image quality at any vantage point.

Sound in IMAX Theaters

IMAX’s perfectly tuned integrated sound system and precise speaker orientation ensure that each guest can not only hear a pin drop, but also get a very realistic sense of where it lands. Crisp, delicate, yet powerful sound makes every IMAX experience resonant—literally.  

Specialty Projection Formats

IMAX 3D Movie Theaters

Everything that makes IMAX a standout experience, expanded to a third dimension. Take immersion to the next level with IMAX 3D’s signature larger-lens 3D glasses. Check your local Cinemark for movies that offer special IMAX 3D screenings.

IMAX Laser 3D Projection

IMAX Laser Projection is a standout viewing experience characterized by a 4K laser projection system that utilizes exclusive IMAX technologies engineered to increase resolution, deepen contrast, and provide the most exotic color palettes ever seen on the big screen.

Cinemark theaters that use IMAX 3D Laser Projection:

Find IMAX 70mm Theater

As more and more new movies are released in 70mm—an expanded, crystal-clear film format—more theaters will adapt auditoriums to display them.

Cinemark offers 70mm IMAX at its Cinemark Dallas XD and IMAX theater.

IMAX Theater Theatres


No participating theatres found near the selected ZIP code.

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