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Spotlight On: IMAX Theater

What is IMAX?

IMAX Screen Size

IMAX screens are up to six times larger than normal screens and show up to 40% more picture, thanks to an exclusive aspect ratio. Using special digital and film cameras with the world’s largest resolution format, IMAX screens boast a phenomenal level of clarity and detail.

Why choose IMAX Theater?

But an IMAX movie theater is so much more than “big”. In fact, bigger is just the beginning.

IMAX immerses you in the film with a unique theatre environment designed to maximize your field of view. Its projectors deliver brighter, dazzling colors while patented, custom-designed sound systems reach an entire octave lower than traditional speakers.

What is IMAX 3D?

It’s the behemoth screens, vivid visuals, and dynamic sound of IMAX, plus a whole new layer of immersion that can only be achieved by wearing IMAX 3D’s signature larger-lens 3D glasses.

Well, think of it this way: while IMAX takes movies to another level, IMAX 3D takes them to another dimension—literally.

Why choose IMAX 3D?

Be part of the action in an action film. At the center of the adventure in a sci-fi saga. Take in breathtaking vistas from the highest peaks as though you summited them yourself.

Find an IMAX theaters located near you?

Just type in a zip code and click the search icon. Once you find your theatre, you’ll be able to find IMAX showtimes. IMAX 3D pricing varies by location. 

Spotlight On: IMAX Theater Theatres


No participating theatres found near the selected ZIP code.

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